May Preyanuch

UI Designer | Product Designer

I'm a Melbourne based Thai UI designer & product designer with 6+ years of experience.

Graphic designer with a focus on UI and web design. Knowledge of Front-end technology basics and looking to further develop UX skills. I am interested in using anthropological sensitivities and design research methods to understand how and why people do the things they do. I try and bring human-centered design principles and processes to all my projects. I design experiences to make people's lives easier, better and more fulfilling.

When I’m not designing you will find me creating illustration card, travelling around and take time-lapse video, cooking Thai food at home, hang out with friends, do my personal blog or just spending some time with my dog and little cactuses. Currently, I am based in Melbourne and I am open to new opportunities. I am always hungry for new challenges where I am able to be innovative in a functional manner, helping whoever needs a creative touch to whatever they need.

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Creative Specialties

Creative Thinking

Conceptual Design

Visual Culture

Design Specialties

Communication Design

Branding and Identity development

Collateral Design

Digital Specialties

Adobe Creative Suite (PS, AI, ID)

Digital Illustration

Digital Photography and Photo Editing

Video and Motion Graphic Editing


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I hope you enjoy looking around. I'm always interested in meeting new people with similar interests, as well as receiving new business. Feel free to reach out If you want to challenge me with interesting product ideas, grab a coffee in Melbourne or even just to say hi. Drop me a line or follow me on these awesome networks below.