Do you like free drinks? How about a free drink at Gong Cha? Well then, you’re in luck! Liven, a new app for iOS and Android has recently given free $10 with code ‘U2PJ9X’!

Here’s how it works:

1. Download LIVEN app for iOS or Android
2. Open the side menu and tap PROMO CODES then apply ‘U2PJ9X’ to add $10 to your account
3. The code valid for $10 (a large drink with toppings is $8 or 2 small drinks at $10!) at any participating Gong Cha outlet.
4. Head to Gong Cha outlet that’s list below, order your favourited tea to the staff and click 'Pay Now'. Your code will be applied and just show the code to the staff!
5. You get a free drink! It’s that simple!



1. Please make sure you enter the promo code before you go to the register to order - this will ensure your drink is free, and make for a much quicker transaction.
2. Code ‘U2PJ9X’ is for a new user only.

There are currently 9 outlets in Melbourne:

• 235 Swanston
• Chadstone (Food Court)
• Chadstone (Opposite Aldi)
• Elizabeth Street
• 321 Swanston
• Melbourne Central Dome
• QV Centre
• St Albans
• Footscray

About Liven

Reward yourself. Liven is the only app that rewards you for doing the things you love. Every time you spend with Liven, you earn Liven Cash - A universal digital currency of dollar value rewards credit. You can spend your Liven Cash at any partner venue, save it up for a special occasion, or pass it on to your choice of charity.

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About Gong Cha

Asia’s fastest growing tea brand has hit Australian shores! Founded in Taiwan in 2006, Gong Cha has taken the world by storm, with nearly 1500 outlets worldwide. We’re extremely excited to be welcoming 8 Gong Cha outlets to the Liven crew - earn 10% Liven Cash every time!
How do you have your tea? Find your favourite, between their signature milk foam, brewed, milk, health, and yoghurt tea series - all available in series refreshing flavours. Customise any tea to your liking; enjoy it hot or cold with your choice of sugar content. Don’t forget the extra toppings!

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