Before the door closes on 2017, there’s one last thing to do: make my New Year’s resolution. I didn’t do any new year’s resolutions last year so I thought I would do so for 2018. Wonder how many I will achieve.

Resolution 1:

Widen my Skill Set

It’s really important to keep learning and growing as a designer, by trying new things and new ways of working. I’m going to personally commit some time to learning more UX techniques. I also need to just pick up a pencil or pen and draw more, practise hand lettering more and improve my photography skills.

Resolution 2:

Weekly Doodle Challenge

I’ve decided to set myself a weekly doodle challenge for this year. Partly because I don’t want to lose the skills I already have, but more importantly to gain some new ones too

Resolution 3:

Become a Morning Person

This is the year that I become a morning person! I’ll be waking up early and starting my day at 7am instead of 8am. That 1-hour change will result in 5 more hours in the work week! Imagine what I could do with 5 hours! I can’t wait to see how my productivity levels improve by waking up early!

Resolution 4:

Exercising Daily

I'm going to do 2-kilometer walk and 40 minutes of exercising every day. This is to maintain good health and well-being.

Resolution 5:

More Blogging

I want to get back into writing a blog. I want to give an opinion instead of just posting pretty pictures on Instagram. I am going to waste my time on a ‘this would have been better’ redesign project.

Resolution 6:

Language Learning

This year I would like to take the Goethe-Zertifikat A1. My plan is to study on my own and use exam preparation materials. I think preparing for an exam is also a motivating and good way to improve all my language skills. I will try to be more active in conversations with my English- and German-speaking friends, which will help me to practice my speaking and improve my fluency and gain confidence. I will continue reading books and watch films in German and English.

I’m going to push myself to make sure I stick to my goals and will report back with how I’m doing throughout the new year!